Chocolate Milkshake Icing Sugar

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Sugar and Crumbs – Natural Flavoured Icing Sugar Dairy & Gluten Free – Chocolate Milkshake – 500g This delicious Chocolate icing sugar flavour, offers a smooth chocolate taste which really lives up to its name. Chocolate Milkshake Natural Flavoured Icing Sugar by Sugar and Crumbs in a light brown colour. Key Benefits Natural Flavouring Achieve consistent flavour every time. These flavoured sugars are perfect for Buttercreams, Chantilly Creams, Meringues, Macrons, Cheesecakes, Milkshakes, Marshmallows, Fudge, Drizzles, and Dustings. In fact any recipe that requires sugar and flavour just replace with our Flavoured Icing Sugar with the same equivalent. Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans Free from Nuts, Lactose and Gluten Dairy Free


(No reviews yet) Write a Review